500 Calorie Meals for Weight Loss

500 Calorie Diet Solution

If you want to lose one pound of weight every week or want to stay fit, without sacrificing flavor, then follow the diet plan of 500 calorie meals for weight loss.

It offers you a rounded meal plan with each small meal of same calorie count and not more than 500 calories is recommended to maintain your weight.

Eating more than 500 calories will make you not only to look fat, but it is unhealthy too. It is just plainly hazardous to one’s health.

An active man shouldn’t consume more than 2000 calories/day, while daily intake of active woman shouldn’t be more than 1500 calories.

Research indicates that safe and effective way of losing weight is reducing the daily intake to 500 calories that can be achieved by 2 ways. One by reducing the calorie intake and other by burning them off through work-outs/exercises- or may be a combination of both methods.

Your calorie intake per day can be reduced if you follow the below given diet plan strictly.


Pear and cup of cereal

8 ounce glass of skim milk

4 slices of bread with jam or butter


Half cup of yogurt/grapes

One cup of vegetable salad

Orange juice of 8 ounce


One cup of green salad

Two cups of chicken casserole

One cup of baked fries/steamed veggies

One glass of peach juice